Airbus A320NEO for X-Plane 10

by JARDesign

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System requirements: X-Plane 10.11, CPU: 3Ghz Multi-core (recommended). Video Card: 1Gb VRAM recommended,. 4GB RAM recommended. 32bit OS (Windows 7, Mac OS 10.7+), TrackIR, Hi precision Joystick, Rudder Pedals, Throttle controller.

Requirements to user level: the a320neo is intended for use by the trained user, knowing the principles and logic of a320 Airbus. It isn't recommended to users with beginning level. It isn't recommended to users with low level of knowledge of English. Because of the raised realism of a320neo it isn't recommended to impressionable users, users with unstable mentality and to people with diseases of nervous system.

Systems and Flight model: Information that any system is realized in a320neo doesn't mean guarantees of its 100% of compliance to a prototype. For this reason this product shouldn't be used for preparation of Airbus pilots in real aviation! The team of developers reserves the right to keep those simplifications and discrepancies which will consider necessary in a product.

Not bug, "just not complete/done" list: flight directors for some modes, NDB/RNAV approach, DIR/TO MCDU PAGE, TRK FPA PFD MODE, FPLN SAVE, Step CLB/DES, COST INDEX and ECON, SPD/TIME CNSTR, MCDU PROG PAGEs, Custom ND, all OH/PED buttons named "INOP", terrain on ND, ECAM STS Page, All Failures, EXPED clb/des. (can be continued)

Support: If you send the message through this site, you will sure - we are read it 100%. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee an answer because of excessive load and limited time.

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